I grew up with HIC, I always loved the quality and what the brand represents. There is no other clothing brand out there with such loyalty. HIC is the only company logo that I know of where people are gettingĀ HIC tattoos to show loyalty and the love for the brand. It's a brand forĀ generations to come.


Fred Eslao, Manager

I love HIC and all it stands for! I love their hats and shirts. I'm so excited to final see the new womans HIC clothing line.

Christine C.,

I can't imagine my closet without having HIC gear. It would feel incomplete.

So what I'm trying to say is "HIC you complete me!" I think I bought almost every hat and board shorts they ever sold. Yes they are that good. Thanks again for keeping your designs fresh!!!

Lee G.,

You guys rock! I been wearing HIC since I was a kid. The quality has always been good. I still have some board shorts from way back in the day that I still wear and still look new.

Jingo G.,